Facility Owners Have A New Priority

Con Ed Worker Burned in QueensWorker injured in NV Energy Box explosionCity Worker Injured in Electrical Incident.  These are just a few of the electrical accidents that have been in the headlines the last few months.  Regulatory and government agencies are taking notice, and so are facility managers and owners.  The 2012 changes to NFPA 70e include several major updates regarding electrical safety requirements, and in our opinion the most important changes are those revolving around arc flash.

In layman’s terms, an arc flash is an electrical explosion during which air becomes a conductor.  The potential for injury is huge, but almost all of these incidences can be avoided with proper planning.  The latest regulations require all commercial facilities to perform an arc flash study every five years and after any changes to the electrical system.  The final step in an arc flash study is proper labeling of the electrical equipment.  When the correct labels are in place this ensures that all personnel are aware of the potential risks involved with working in or around the building’s electrical system.  Now that the new regulations are in place, when the proper labels are not in place, OSHA is on the case.

Crescent has developed one of the most comprehensive arc flash programs in the industry, and we are devoted to promoting electrical safety awareness in any way possible.  If you have not put your arc flash program in place, or are simply need advice on meeting the requirements of the latest regulations, please contact us.